We hand wash, repair and restore fine rugs and carpets including Persian, oriental, Tibetan, killim, silk, wool, and especially antique carpets

Our carpet cleaning methods are green, traditional and effective.

Your fine rugs and carpets deserve attentive care and special handling. Here, at Cleaner Choices, we wash your rugs the way you wash your favorite wool or silk sweaters --by hand and with extreme care. Our methods are entirely traditional and are done the way carpets have been washed for centuries. Using only natural soaps and non-toxic cleansers, these authentic and ancient methods are not only gentle but extremely effective.

Be wary of competitors, who use low-grade, chemical detergents that can cause the colors to run, disintegrate the fibers and ruin the overall look of your item.

We take every carpet washing on a case by case basis; taking great care to preserve and clean each item according to its needs, using only the safest and most careful methods to make sure our clients get the results they want.

We also offer museum-quality repairs at sensible prices with unparalleled service. 



Carpet cleaning
and Rug Washing

Carpet washing is more complicated than you think. Modern life and traction can leave your carpets looking dull, gray and dust ridden. With a fine cleaning, we can refresh those carpets and revive faded colors and fibers.

Our specific hand-washing methods do not disappoint. Call us at (212) 213-4000 for a free estimate and to arrange free pick-up and delivery of your carpets for cleaning.


carpet restoratioN
and repair

While handwoven carpets are designed to be extremely durable and can put up with a heavy amount of wear and tear, there are times when accidents occur. Tears, rips, burns, unravelling, ink spills –even pet stains; no damage is beyond our expertise or salvation. Our repair services are the best in the business and are only done by experienced rug-weavers who’ve been doing this kind of specialized craft for decades.

Don’t despair, call us at (212) 213-4000 –we promise we can fix whatever situation has occurred.